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Finding employment when you actually need employment is a bummer.… - my scrawlings

Dec. 21st, 2010

12:48 am

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Finding employment when you actually need employment is a bummer. It's weird, when I have cash I tend to have endless opportunity to find more cash. But here where I'm marking time till I leave in march, I can't find employment to save my life. Really, it would save my life. Eventually I'm going to run out of my money stash. Meh. The problem arose when my father took an unexpected trip to Arizona, and decided he didn't trust me to sleep in his apartment while unattended. So I've hopped my way to the middle of nowhere, and there isn't an establishment in site to gainfully employ me. I will have to make plans to pilgrimage back to Boston eventually, surf couch and find a temp job.. but it's kind of fun here. I'm learning to Crochet, however slow it may be going. I taught myself a few clinch new recipies involving spinach, tortellini, and awesome. Plus I'm getting some long overdue sewing done. To be honest, I'm starting to second guess my attatchment to technology altogether. My phone seldom gets used anyhow. Plus I've run into a few folks these past weeks, and I almost forgot how exciting that is. But I like being tucked away in livejournal land, still. Not many people find me here.

Julian, herein refered to as J. Portugal, talked me into a class he put together last week. It was tremendously fun. We learned the basics of machining. A drill press, a lathe, and a mill I believe. Sprout is a pretty cool collective, learning annex, or what have you. J. Portugal is talking to some people about putting me together a road bike so I can get around town easier, hopefully helping my employment situation. Plus J. Portugal and I have been putting together a set of Busking songs so we can start generating money on our own schedule, doing what we enjoy. If it is at all promising, I think we will try and rideshare/hitch south and pay our way as street musicians. Just a bit of a vacation before I go out to Hawaii.

Also, I've decided to give aliases to my friends and associates. I don't know why. It's too late to talk me out of it.